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Ready Steady Excel provides expert step-by-step training and solutions in Microsoft Office to empower you to achieve more with less stress. 

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MS Teams





and other Tech!

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Ready Steady Excel provides the answers!

If you ever had any of these thoughts below, you're in the right place:

"There must be a quicker way to do this!"

"I wish I was more confident with Excel"

"How to share a PowerPoint Presentation in Teams?"

"How to use mail merge in Word?"

"How to reduce emails in Outlook?"

"What is Microsoft 365?"

What to expect?

Proven solutions that you can use in

Business and Life

Ready Steady Excel posts weekly tips and updates on the

Microsoft applications you use on a daily basis. 

Make the most of Teams, create engaging PowerPoint presentations, confidently solve problems using Excel, take control of your Outlook Inbox or build compelling Word documents. Whatever you want to learn from the Microsoft range of applications, Ready Steady Excel has the answers, so you don't have the trawl the internet to find them.

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What to expect
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What's the story?

Ready Steady Excel was founded by Tony Laskowski. Tony is an experienced Applications Trainer and Digital Creator.
Throughout his career he has built a reputation for being extremely patient, as well as providing clear and engaging training sessions. The thing that sets Tony apart from other Trainers, is that he goes the extra mile to find the solution and then presents it in an easy to follow way.
Ready Steady Excel was set up by Tony to help a wider audience to achieve more with Microsoft Office.

Whats the story


Sue via Buy Me A Coffee

Thanks Tony - your tutorials have been very useful to me this summer.

Charlotte via LinkedIn

I’m learning a lot from Tony’s YouTube channel. His short and snappy videos are a great idea, I definitely recommend watching them.

Mark via YouTube

Brilliant, Thank you Tony. Clear and concise as ever. I have been really enjoying your videos. Super helpful content.

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