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Course: Let's Get Visual with Excel Charts

Make your reports look more visual by adding charts to your spreadsheets for maximum impact. Quite often including a Chart in your report can help people see the bigger picture, rather than looks at a long list of numbers.


This self-paced course covers everything you need to know about Charts and Graphs in the Microsoft Excel.


Using real-life examples this course covers:

  • Excel Chart Concepts – Understand what makes a good chart

  • Creating a chart from the beginning

  • Creating charts with the quick analysis tool

  • Modifying an existing chart - Working with a chart someone else has created

  • Using colours, lines and shapes for maximum impact

  • Creating charts for Cash Flow, Budgets and Expenses

  • Creating charts for Financial Dashboards

  • Creating charts for Cost Breakdowns

  • Creating charts for Project Management

Included in all courses:
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