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Excel in the Real-World

Imagine the feeling when you solve a problem or submit an amazing report!


Working Together

Online Courses

Online courses at Ready Steady Excel use real-life examples so you can apply with confidence what you have learnt to your own spreadsheets in the real-world.


Each of these self-paced courses include:

  • Free step-by-step eBook

  • Exercise files using real-life scenarios for you to practice

  • Fun challenges to help test your understanding and cement your knowledge

Which of these courses are you going to learn today?

Excel with Confidence

This course is aimed at those who want to learn Excel from the beginning or for those who want to fill in the gaps.

Let's get Visual with Excel Charts

Learn everything you need to know about Excel Charts and Diagrams to help make your reports look more visual.

Master Pivot Tables

Get more from your data, produce the best reports by mastering Pivot Tables.

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