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Free Courses you can take (and complete!) this weekend

In this article I take look at the free courses you can take (and complete!) this weekend.

Time to Shine in 2020

During the pandemic I have really taken the opportunity to make 2020 my most productive year yet! I've been focused on self-development as well as improving on some practical skills. This week I took three courses, which are around an hour each and I got a lot of value from them, so I thought I would share them with you.

These are FREE courses that you can take and complete this weekend (or any other time!):

Transform your personal and professional life by creating a simple, customized productivity system with this Productivity Masterclass by expert Thomas Frank.

Key lessons include:

  • Task management essentials

  • Digital and physical file organization

  • How to take (and keep) notes

  • Email tips and tricks

  • Staying organized for the long haul

Whether you’re a new or seasoned remote worker, this class will help you develop and master the 8 essential skills required for remote work success. You’ll learn the importance of each skill and how to apply them by developing your own personal remote work success plan.

This free online photography course will teach you everything you need to be a professional digital photographer with nothing more than an iPhone. You'll learn all the basics of professional iPhone photography in this course as well as plenty of tips and tricks that you can use during every day shooting to make your photos stand out from the rest.


Do you have any recommended courses that you would like to share? Please let me know in the comments below.


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