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Streamlining Your Spreadsheets: How to Merge Multiple Excel Files into One

In the world of data-driven decision-making, Microsoft Excel remains an indispensable tool. From financial reports to project management, Excel has played a pivotal role in organising and analysing data for businesses and individuals alike. However, as data accumulates, the need to consolidate information from multiple Excel files becomes increasingly common. Whether you're working on a collaborative project with colleagues, managing different datasets, or simply streamlining your data management process, knowing how to merge multiple Excel files into one is a skill that can save you time and headaches.

In this blog post, you will learn how to easily combine multiple Excel files into a single file empowering you to harness the full potential of your data and enhance your productivity. Let's dive in!

  • Open a blank workbook in Excel

  • Click Data and Get Data

Excel screenshot showing Data tab and Get Data icon
  • Select From File and then From Folder

Excel screenshot show From File and From Folder
  • Browse to the folder that contains the Excel file

  • Click Combine and select Combine & Load

Excel screenshot show Combine button
  • Sample File allows you to see a preview of the file, to ensure the files have the same layout and to check you're selecting the correct Sheet.

  • Under Parameter 1, click Sheet 1 (or whatever you've called your Sheet)

  • Click OK

Excel screenshot showing Combine Files
  • The first column will have the source filename, this can be deleted. You may also need to format the columns numbering but this is easily done too.

Excel screenshot showing results of files being combined

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