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One Excel shortcut to rule them all

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

What if I told you that by watching this 1 minute video will save you hours of time?

There is an Excel shortcut that rules them all. This one time-saving shortcut is so good, it can be used in at least 7 different scenarios:

  1. Split Columns

  2. Join Columns

  3. Add Text or Values to existing data

  4. Get the initials from a list of names

  5. Convert Text

  6. Extract the data from the middle of a code

  7. Extract numbers like the Year from a Date

This one shortcut does all of the above, which is why I call it the Lord of the Shortcuts, the One Shortcut that Rules them all (I really need to get out more!).

Click here to watch this short video - I tried something a little different with this one.

Get the exercise file to follow along with the video and practice.

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