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5 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams

In this user guide I will cover 5 Useful Keyboard Shortcuts for Microsoft Teams. Keyboard shortcuts not only help you to work faster but can also help you to reduce repetitive strain injuries, as you're not constantly relying on the mouse.

Watch the video

Below is a list of the shortcuts I find most useful in Microsoft Teams. If you prefer to watch how these shortcuts work and to see a bonus tip, then here's the video:

Shortcut to Mute/Unmute your call

Have you ever been in a meeting and you've wanted to raise a question or get your point across but by the time you have found the mouse to click unmute the moment has past. The next time you're in this scenario try this Keyboard Shortcut when in a meeting in Microsoft Teams:

Ctrl Shift M to Mute/Unmute your mic on the call.

Shortcut to turn your Video On/Off

Have you ever joined a meeting on video by mistake? How I remember this shortcut is "Oh! I've left my webcam on!"

Ctrl Shift O to turn your Video On/Off

Shortcut to Blur your Background

If you want to quickly blur your background. Maybe you have someone in the background that you want to hide, then try this shortcut.

Ctrl Shift P to Blur your background. Sadly, there isn't a shortcut to add a virtual background.

Shortcut to access the navigation menu

To quickly access the toolbar down the left-hand side. Press Ctrl 1 to 6 on your keyboard, for example, if you press Ctrl 4, this will open the Teams Calendar.

Shortcut to Zoom In/Out

This shortcut can be useful if you find that Microsoft Teams is too small or someone is sharing their screen and you can't quite see it.

Ctrl + to zoom in

Ctrl - to zoom out

Shortcut for more shortcuts

In this guide I have covered the the keyboard shortcuts that I find most useful. To see the full list of Keyboard Shortcuts in Microsoft Teams, try this one:

Ctrl . to show all keyboard shortcuts

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