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What's new in Microsoft Teams? (June 2021)

Microsoft Teams is continuously evolving, in the past month there have been a number of updates and improvements. In this article, you will learn about the four most popular updates that are now available in Microsoft Teams.

Spotlight in Teams Meeting

In a Teams Meeting, presenters can make any participant the Spotlight. This will pin the participant’s video to the main view for everyone to see in the meeting. You can do this to up to 7 participants at a time. Click here for more information on this feature.

Spotlight in Microsoft Teams screenshot from Microsoft Support Page
Image from the Microsoft Support Page

Standout Presenter Mode in a Teams Meeting

There is a great new feature that makes you part of your presentation when you’re sharing your screen. This can help to make your presentations more engaging for your audience. Click here for more information.

Standout Presenter Mode in Microsoft Teams screenshot from Microsoft Support Page
Image from the Microsoft Support Page

Disable Participant’s Audio and Video in a Teams Meeting

Sometimes in a large Teams Meeting there can be a lot of audio and video distractions. These can now be disabled before or during a Teams Meeting. Click here to find out more.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Viewing Shared Content

When someone else is sharing content in a Teams Meeting, sometimes it can be difficult to read the content. To make the screen bigger, click More Actions and select Focus and/or Full Screen.

  • Focus will hide the other participants from the screen.

  • Full screen will make the Meeting Window go completely full screen covering your Windows taskbar.

Screenshot of More Actions in a Teams Meeting with Focus and Full screen options

You can also zoom in on the screen with these two different methods:

  • Hold the Ctrl key and use the wheel on the mouse to Zoom In or Out

  • Pinch in or out on the trackpad on your Surface Pro (Takes a bit of practice!)

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