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Announcements in Microsoft Teams

Announcements in Microsoft Teams lets you send the same message across multiple Teams and Channels at the same time.

This is great if you have a message that needs broadcasting or a sales pitch to your clients.

Watch this video

There is a step-by-step user guide below but if you prefer to watch how it's done, here's the video:

Create an announcement

Select the one of the Channels you wish to send the message to.

In the conversation area of a Channel, click Format

Click the New Conversation option.

Select Announcement

If you don't want any replies to your message, click Everyone can Reply and Select You and moderators can reply.

Click Post in multiple channels and click Select Channels

Select the Channels you wish to post the message to and click Update to complete.

Complete your message and click Send.

The Announcement will then be sent across to the select Channels. You can identify the message as announcement, as there will be a megaphone icon in the top right corner.

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