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Using tags in Microsoft Teams

Using Tags in Microsoft Teams help you to group members of your team into departments, roles or anything you choose. This makes it easier for you and the Team to reach out and communicate with specific groups using @mention.

You can @mention individuals

You can @mention the whole team

The benefit of using this feature is that by default these parties will get a pop-up notification similar to a new email.

Now imagine, if you could @mention a group, like Finance...

...or @mention by role, like Managers

In this user guide, I will show you how.

Note: This option is only available to Team Owners. Although they can amend the settings for All Team Members to create tags.

Watch the video

Below there is a step-by-step user guide but if you prefer to watch how it's done, here's the video:

Setting up and assigning tags

Next to the Team name, Click More options and select Manage team

Expand on members

Hover mouse under the Tag column and you should see a small tag label.

Click the tag and select Manager Tags

Click Create Tags

Enter the name of the Tag you wish to call the group.

Enter the members who will be part of the this tag. Note: Remember to include yourself if you want to be part of this group.

Click Create to complete.

Click Create tag to create more groups or click X to close.

Once you tags are created, you can also assign people to the tags from the Members screen. Just click on the tag next to the person's name, select the tag you wish to assign them to and click Apply.

To test the tag, go into a Channel for the same Team, in the conversation field, @mention the tag, for example, @sales.

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