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How to embed an Excel file into Word

In this article, you will learn how to attach a file into a Word Document. This is really useful if you are putting together a report and want to refer to another file like a spreadsheet.

Rather than copy & paste the content from the file, which can sometimes get messy, embed the file instead.

The recipient of the report can then just double click the file to open it.

OK, let's get started.

In Word, place your cursor where you want to insert the file.

Click the Insert tab.

In the Text group, click the Object icon.

Click Create from File.

Click Browse to locate and select the file you wish to insert.

There are two checkboxes to consider:

  • Link to file - Only select this option if the recipient of the document can access the file's location. The great thing about this option is that when you update the file, it will automatically update the embedded file.

  • Display as icon - If you don't select this option, it will insert the content of the file you select above. The formatting doesn't always insert cleanly, so I recommend that you select this checkbox.

When you select Display as icon, Word selects the icon to match the file type. To change this, click Change icon and then select the icon you wish to use.

Caption, allows you to amend the text that goes with the icon. So you can amend this to include an instruction, like Double click to Open or enter a clearer file name.

Click OK and OK to complete.

The file will look like this in your Word document.

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